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Whitney Pant Set
Whitney Pant Set
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Tawni Haynes Whitney Pant Set

Whitney Pant Set as shown
Elongated Spread Collar
Long Gradual Puff Sleeve
Wide Cuff
Standard Front Button Down
Detached Waist Sash
High-waist Wide Leg Slacks


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Price $425.00

Fabric Color 1*:

Many Fabrics & Colors available. Please Choose!


Slacks Size*:

Choose your size! Additional info to assist you with selecting the correct size is located in the tab below titled "Important Sizing Info". If the size you are looking for is not listed we can custom make your garment using your body measurements! To create a custom size garment we need your measurement chart completed by Tawni Haynes Apparel or by a supervised third party via video conference.


Various Collar styles available! Please Choose!


Many Sleeve types available. Please choose!

Production Time*:

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Important Sizing Info Fabric & Care Info
Important Sizing Info
How 2 Verify What Size You Should Order.
You only need to take 3 simple body measurements to verify what size Blouse you should order! Get a tape measure and take your Bust, Waist, and Mid Waist Measurements. If you don't know how to take those measurements here is video showing how to take them.

Bust (chest)


Mid Waist (also called High Hip)

Once you have your 3 measurements wrote down,
Take a look at the finished blouse measurements below.

Use your 3 measurements to help you decide which blouse will best accommodate your measurements. We recommend that garments have at least 1 to 2 inch ease room. Also take into consideration if your blouse will be made of a fabric that has stretch or no stretc h.
XS 2-4 = Bust 37", Waist 34", Mid Waist 39".
S 6-8 = Bust 40", Waist 37", Mid Waist 40".
M 10-12 = Bust 42", Waist 39", Mid Waist 42".
L 14-16 = Bust 45", Waist 42", Mid Waist 45".
XL 18-20 = Bust 48", Waist 45", Mid Waist 48".
2X 22-24 = Bust 51", Waist 48", Mid Waist 51".
3X 26-28 = Bust 53", Waist 50", Mid Waist 53".
4X 30-32 = Bust 55", Waist 52", Mid Waist 55".
5X 34-36 = Bust 57", Waist 54", Mid Waist 57".
XXS0-0 = Hip 31", Waist 22".
XS 2-4 = Hip 35", Waist 26".
S 6-8 = Hip 39", Waist 30".
M 10-12 = Hip 43", Waist 34".
L 14-16 = Hip 47", Waist 38".
XL 18-20 = Hip 51", Waist 42".
2X 22-24 = Hip 55", Waist 46".
3X 26-28 = Hip 59", Waist 50".
4X 30-32 = Hip 63", Waist 54".
5X 34-36 = Hip 66", Waist 58".

If the standard sizes don't work for you, or you would like to have your garment custom-made based off of your body measurements, please select "Custom Size" in the Size drop down list. To create a custom size garment we need your measurement chart completed by Tawni Haynes Apparel, or a third party supervised by Tawni Haynes Apparel via video conference. We will contact you within 24 business hours to review all details for your custom size garment.